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We teach project based computer science to Engineering, B.Sc/M.Sc (any branch) and MCA students and recent graduates and help them get a high paying job in IT industry

Experienced professionals (some from USA) in the IT industry will teach you the skills to be an excellent  programmer when you start your dream job. We help you develop a project that you can showcase in your job interviews. We help you connect with companies to get a job.  Our Industry mentors will meet with you regularly and teach you the skills you need when you start a job. 



CS Fundamentals, Data Structures and Algorithm Design (using Python)


Object oriented programming, Database programming


WordPress and HTML programming


Interview and presentation skills

Partner companies

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for current Engineering / BSc / MCA students who will be in college for another year and for recent graduates (graduated in the last two years in any engineering branch or MCA) 

 We have two levels of classes. Introductory course where we teach Python, HTML programming and WordPress based one student’s interest.

We have advanced classes for students familiar with programming. We teach Django, Flutter or


Its free 🙂   The only thing we need is your commitment.  You also need to have at least 70% marks in college. You have to pass a preliminary test after 2 weeks of taking the class. We want to make sure that you are committed to the course.

The classes are taught by experienced engineers working in tech companies. Some of them are from USA. 

We don’t guarantee a job (nobody can :), but we will definitely improve your chances of getting a well paid job. Based on your performance, we will also connect you directly to our partner companies. Many of our students have already found internships.

The length of the course depends on how well and soon you pick up the course material. For students who are totally new to programming, it is about 9 – 12 months. For students who have good understanding of programming , we will focus on working on a project (Flutter, Django or Bubble.IO) and it will be for about 6 months. Many of our students have already found internships.

Classes are all online. It will be at night (8pm to 10pm), 5 days a week. Sun, Wed and Friday will be instructor led classes, Tue and Thursday will be student mentors lead homework sessions. You will be treating this course like another regular subject in college. Attendance is compulsory.

Yes. Homework is an important part of this course. You learn by doing projects on your own. You will have volunteers to help with the homework as needed. Students not completing homework on time will be removed from the course.

You learn theory in college. Here, we help you expand your programming skills by doing projects. You will start with small projects and complete a capstone project that you can showcase in your interview.

Not all the time. Classes will be taught in Tamil.

You will learn presentation skills and interviewing skills.


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