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Struggling to find talent?  Looking for ways to fulfill your CSR? Work with Sayur. At Sayur, we train talented rural area students in p the fundamental of CS and how to learn  to be ready for the corporate SW development job, at no cost for the students. Candidates trained from  Sayur come with skills that you can trust. What you see in the resume is exactly what you get. No more fake candidates! Connect with us @ sayurlearning@gmail.com 

 You can get a glimpse of the students and their  project presentations in this Youtube Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the students are current Engineering / BSc / MCA students who will be in college for another year. Some are  recent graduates (graduated in the last two years in any engineering branch or MCA) 

Importantly, these students come from tier 2 and 3 cities where not many companies reach out, providing an untapped pool of talent that could be the perfect fit for your business.

Our classes are led by seasoned engineers actively working in the tech industry. These instructors possess valuable insights on grooming students for success as new graduates. Their real-world experience ensures that the curriculum is not just theoretical but also practical, aligning with the current demands of the tech landscape.

Sayur students have a solid foundation in programming concepts. Trained not only in technical skills such as Flutter, Bubble.io and Python, but also in working seamlessly in a team setup, they bring qualities like responsibility, punctuality, and effective communication to the table. While not experts, they are well-prepared to contribute meaningfully to projects and continue their growth in a professional setting.


Students learn theory in other institutions. Here, we help them expand their programming skills by explaining concepts using real life examples and have them work on projects.

Companies have hired our students for 

  • Flutter  programming for mobile app
  • React or Php where the students are expected to learn the existing code base and provide bug fixes
  • bubble.io to create MVPs
  • Python to work on established algorithms
  • Low code automation platforms such as Power automate

Students are available to work part time (10-15hrs as week) or fulltime (40 hrs a week). Colleges are willing to let the students do the internship as part of their curriculum.

   Students receive stipends only when they start making meaningful contributions to your business. You will be able to monitor their work and skills without any cost until you are satisfied. This ensures that your investment aligns with their tangible impact on your projects.

 If you find that our students align with your  culture and bring value to your team, they are available for full-time roles. This eliminates the need for an extensive and costly hiring process, providing a seamless transition.

We understand the importance of aligning our graduates with your startup’s specific technology needs. Sayur is willing to provide additional training to our students in the technologies your business requires, for a few months before they officially join your team. We can act as your hiring and training team to make your business journey a little less complicated.

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