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We help you work on an apprenticeship program where you will be working on a real project for companies and mentored by professionals.

Experienced professionals (some from USA) in the IT industry will teach you the skills to be an excellent  programmer when you start your dream job. We help you work on a real project that you can showcase in your job interviews. We help you connect with companies to get a job.  Our Industry mentors will meet with you regularly and teach you the skills you need when you start a job. 



Product development (Web and mobile applications)


Database programming


Version control and automated testing


Interview and presentation skills

Our Work

Experience the culmination of our apprenticeship program through an impressive PERN project presentation. Witness the remarkable progress our students have made in just three months, showcasing their dedication and rapid growth. View the presentation video and get inspired to join our dynamic learning community!

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is for college students to work on a real project for  companies (in the USA or India) with mentoring from  experienced engineers. Students will work in small groups. Projects are web application, mobile applications, chatbots, AI models etc. 

This  is for current Engineering / BSc / MCA students who will be in college for another year and for recent graduates (graduated in the last two years in any engineering branch or MCA) 

  • College students or recent graduates 
  • Programming skills in any programming language
  • Pass our coding interview 
  • Good communication skills

Experienced engineers working in tech companies. Some of them are from USA. 

Projects you will be working on are for companies in USA / India that are in the pre start up stage

The length of the apprenticeship  depends on  the project.  It will be mostly 4 to 6 months long.  You will get breaks for internal and final exams.

Its all online. Most of the mentoring sessions will be at night (8pm to 10pm), 3 days a week  . Attendance is compulsory. On top of this, you will be working on your own. Totally you will be spending about 10 to 15 hrs a week, while still attending college.

This is a great way to work on a real project for a company with help from professionals in companies in US and India.  This is similar to doing an internship but you will  get mentorship from professionals. This will help you improve your chances of getting a great job.

You will learn time management skills, presentation skills and interviewing skills.


Its free 🙂. The main thing we need from you is your commitment. Admission to this apprenticeship is based on coding interview. See the application form below.

 Fill in this form . More details are in the form also.


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